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About me

I'm a 90s kid, a Christ-follower, and an american expat in Barcelona. Oh, and a Nintendo fan, soundtrack connoisseur, Star Wars nerd, and apparently an author and artist. Fandom mugs and t-shirts make the best gifts.

About my writing

My main goals are to honor Jesus through creative excellence and to give readers (and myself) a rewarding experience through character and plot.

I write almost exclusively fantasy-adventure, though I tend to go easy on the magic (if I include any at all). You can count on personal stakes, character-driven arcs, and adventure. My work is clean (no explicit sexual content, no explicit profanity, and no excessively graphic violence).

Lloyd Alexander has always been my favorite author and one of the biggest influences on my writing. His Chronicles of Prydain were what made me fall in love with fantasy as a child, and they're still my favorite books to this day.

About my art

I'm self-taught and always looking for another lesson to learn. I bought my first digital art tablet in 2016 and drew a potato. Then I drew a thousand more potatoes until they started to look like characters.

Art is my way to disconnect and relax, whether it's digital painting at my laptop or sketching in a notebook outside. Most of the time I favor digital over traditional.

For personal work, I focus on original character and environment paintings, fantasy concepts, and the occasional bit of fan-art. Professionally, I've recently begun to do illustration commissions as well as book cover designs for other authors.

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