Content rating: G (suitable for all readers; best for middle grade and up.)

Backpack Boy is an exploration of a soft heart and a fragile mind, of a very small world that isn’t quite the way it should be, and of the people on the outside that don’t seem to understand.

To be released in October 2019, Backpack Boy is part of the Strange Waters anthology* from Phoenix Fiction Writers.

*The anthology features stories from different collaborators and includes a wide range of styles and content. Personal discretion advised.


Pirates have kidnapped Mum and taken her to the cave across the island. The boy with the red backpack has everything he needs to rescue Mum: a map, a wooden sword, a book about pirate adventures, and a ham sandwich. Most importantly of all, he has his elephant.

But wooden swords and ham sandwiches might not be enough for the boy with the red backpack to face the truth he's afraid of the most.

And the island starts to crumble…