Story Reveal: The Astoundingly Mortal Peril of Denna Dorwen

As many of you know, the Phoenix Fiction Writers team is releasing an antihero-themed anthology, which will feature seven (if I’m not mistaken) short stories by our talented members. In October’s newsletter, sent out at the beginning of the month, subscribers got an exclusive first look at the title and blurb for my short story, and now I’m bringing the goodies to the world!

Brace yourselves for…

The Astoundingly Mortal Peril of Denna Dorwen

Two years ago, Denna Dorwen burned down Candlewick Spire, a trove of books and scrolls atop the elite university in the city of Galaratheas. An accident, of course, and unequivocally not her fault.

Nevertheless, the pawn broker and part-time thief owes the city a hefty debt, and the Iron Gleaners are coming for her. 

Out of time and out of money, Denna needs every trick up her sleeve if she wants to outwit debt collectors, bounty hunters, and the terrors that lurk in dark tunnels beneath the city...

* * *

You’ll be able to read the story, which features the plucky fan-favorite from The Broken City of Crows*, next month! I hope you’re as excited as I am. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for early access to treats like these (trust me, there are some big ones coming!) and to stay updated.

Talk to you soon!

*The Astoundingly Mortal Peril of Denna Dorwen takes place well before the events of The Broken City of Crows and is meant to be read as a standalone story, so don’t worry if you’re not one of my Wattpad readers!