Title and Blurb Reveal! The Broken City of Crows (Part I)

Hey there! I’ve got a little something for you. I know, I know, it’s only been a few days since the last post, but hey, it’s the end of October, which means it’s practically NaNoWriMo, which means it’s practically Christmas, which means it’s practically 2019, which means— *breathes into paper bag*

Long story short, it’s time to start sharing some goodies as we build up toward the release of the trilogy’s first installment. It’s with no shortage of giddiness (I promise I’m an adult) that I publicly present, for the first time ever, Book 1 of The Broken City of Crows trilogy.

The Wasteling Crow
The Broken City of Crows, Part I 

"The orphaned, the rejected, the abandoned--these are the wastelings of Akor. No haven shall harbor them and no hand shall extend them mercy. They are a blight to be cleansed, for our cities must shine, and in such outcasts there is no worth."

Amos, the son of a slave trader, travels the Iron Road in shame, longing to renounce his father’s heartless deeds.

Two young wastelings bound for the slave market dream of a life without cages.

An exiled warrior roams the wilderness, never more than a step ahead of those who hunt her.

When a narrow escape in the dark of night entwines their paths, Amos and his newfound companions are thrust into a world that wants them back in chains…or dead.

In the fires of survival, a family is forged.

From perilous forests to a city with a killer on the loose, the growing band of outcasts set their eyes on freedom, and Amos soon finds himself on the front lines of a fight he never imagined he'd call his own.

The Wasteling Crow begins the story of a boy with a good heart struggling to find his place in a broken world.

Coming 2019

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