Story Spotlight: The Word Thrower by Beth Wangler

Since I don’t live in the United States, I won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving until tomorrow, but social convention demands I wish a fine day of gratitude, family, and faith to all my Stateside readers!

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Antihero-themed anthology that my colleagues at Phoenix Fiction Writers and I released last weekend. I just wanted to give you a quick run-down on one the stories from the collection, The Word Thrower by Beth Wangler.

Beth quickly became one of my all-time favorite indie authors a few months ago when I read Child of the Kaites. She has a way of masterfully blending fun fantasy staples with thought-provoking characters and themes, and The Word Thrower is no exception. Here’s a back-cover blurb…

Words have power, and Word Throwers can access more of that power than the average person. At Avery Deleford’s Academy for the Locutionarily Adept, gifted students learn how to use that power responsibly. By combining speech and motion, they can shape the world around them as they like.

They must NEVER throw words at another human.

Dax Trelegan owes everything good in his life lately to the Academy. When he hears of suspicious activity among a nearby group of Word Throwers, Dax is prepared to risk everything to protect the people who have given him so much. He has never imagined himself as the hero type, but he can’t well let people get hurt if he can help.

the word thrower.png

As the title and blurb suggest, The Word Thrower explores the power of words and the importance of how words are used. There’s not much I can give you about the plot, as you’ll have to read the story for yourself, but if you’re into contemporary fantasy with a dash of Ted Dekker flare and a smidgen of Percy Jackson vibes, you’ll definitely want to give this a try.

When I read the final words, I wrote Beth Wangler on Twitter and demanded she explain herself (hint: you’ll want more!), but I’ve heard from a reliable source (possibly Beth herself, eh) that there’s an expanded Word Thrower series in the works. Of course, this story stands perfectly well on its own!

If you don’t follow Beth on social media, head over to her website (linked above) and find out more about her work. She’s a rare talent!

The Antihero Anthology* was released on November 17th, and the paperback edition hit shelves just the other day. I’d definitely encourage readers who enjoy the unexpected to check it out. You can find out more on the PFW website (also linked above).

I’ll talk to you soon!

*The antihero anthology features a wide variety fantasy and science-fiction stories, some of which may not be suitable for younger readers. Each story stands on its own; discretion advised!