"The Most Likely Character To..." Tag (feat. The Wasteling Crow)

The last time I participated in a blog tag, the Spanish Armada was still afloat. But Deborah Kelty sent the challenge my way, and who am I to say not to a good old Just-For-Fun on the blog? Thanks, Deborah!

Here’s how the tag works: for each prompt, I have to work out which of my characters are the most likely candidates. I’ll be pulling names from The Wasteling Crow, so those of you who read the online edition last year should be well-familiar, and those of you (patiently) waiting for revisions to be done get some sneak-peekage!

Now, as the Catalan say…som-hi!

Most likely to become a poet? Emery, no matter how many times they tell him he has a figgy brain.

Most likely to dance in the rain? Telula. Sweet, ornery Telula. You’re a bunny in a clover field, so don’t ever let those crutches weigh you down.

Most likely to look good in a kilt? Nobody looks good in a kilt, but—hey, no, stop—Gwinn, don’t. Gwinn! Put it back.

Most likely to get punched in the face? Amos. Uncle Kebb caught you sneaking apples to the wastelings again, didn’t he?

Most likely to drop everything and become a sheep herder? Saremis. Her last name, sul-Meira, literally means ‘daughter of the shepherds’. Besides…sheeps are fluffy.

Most likely to be found in a library? Good old Benji. He knows more facts than you. Poor boy.

Most likely to steal food from other people’s plates? Skinny Norbert. Cheating at sticks and hop-square wasn’t enough trouble for one day, eh, Skinny?

Most likely to cheat on a test? Denna. And she probably has already…well, before she burned down Candlewick Spire, that is.

Most likely to say oops after setting something on fire? Denna. You know, when she burned down Candlewick Spire. Oops.

Most likely to run off with the circus? Aru sul-Hana. She was raised among the traveling troupes and can pick her way out of any lock or chain, so why not chase a little adventure?

Most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse? Avora. Let’s be real, they’d never take her down.

Most likely to fake their own death? Telula, because dancing’s hard when you’re a cripple, and one of the boys snickered, and they’ll be awful sorry they did, you’ll see. See, now I’m dead. Does Emery miss me? Is he utterly inconsolable? Hurry up, you dunce, go check!

That about does it! As per the usual, I won’t nominate anyone specific, but if you feel like giving the game a go, consider yourself tagged! It’s been a long day—this was good fun. While you’re here, why not drop a comment below and tell me which characters you’re most looking forward to meeting in The Wasteling Crow? Talk to you all soon!