backpack boy

Anthology Story Reveal: Backpack Boy

We the members of Phoenix Fiction Writers have been unveiling our entries for the upcoming Strange Waters anthology, and today it’s my privilege to pull the wrappings off this little secret I’ve been working on.

backpack boy small.png

Pirates have kidnapped Mum and taken her to the cave across the island.
The boy with the red backpack has everything he needs to rescue Mum: a map, a wooden sword, a book about pirate adventures, and a ham sandwich. Most importantly of all, he has his elephant.
But wooden swords and ham sandwiches might not be enough for the boy with the red backpack to face the truth he's afraid of the most.
And the island starts to crumble…

In its earliest conception, Backpack Boy was a simple story about a boy on an adventure, but it quickly became something more: an exploration of a soft heart and a fragile mind, of a very small world that isn’t quite the way it should be, and of the people on the outside who don’t seem to understand.

Backpack Boy will be published this October as part of the Phoenix Fiction Writers anthology, Strange Waters, which will be available for pre-order in the coming month. I look forward to sharing it with you.