Content rating: PG (antihero ambiguity and mild violence)

The Astoundingly Mortal Peril of Denna Dorwen is a lighthearted, fantasy-adventure short story. Though the story features characters from the upcoming series, The Broken City of Crows, it stands on its own, offering readers a healthy dose of clean humor and mischief.

Released in November 2018, The Astoundingly Mortal Peril of Denna Dorwen is part of the Phoenix Fiction Antihero Anthology*.

*The anthology features stories from different collaborators and includes a wide range of styles and content. Some stories may not be suitable for younger readers. Discretion advised.

Back-cover blurb

Two years ago, Denna Dorwen burned down Candlewick Spire, a trove of books and scrolls atop the elite university in the city of Galaratheas. An accident, of course, and unequivocally not her fault.

Nevertheless, the curiosity shop proprietor and part-time thief owes the city a hefty debt, and the Iron Gleaners are coming for her. 

Out of time and out of money, Denna needs every trick up her sleeve if she wants to outwit debt collectors, bounty hunters, and the terrors that lurk in dark tunnels beneath the city...