The Wasteling Crow

The Wasteling Crow VARIANT VIII (FRONT).png

Content rating: PG-13 (themes and moderate violence)

The Wasteling Crow is the first book of The Broken City of Crows, a low fantasy-adventure series best suited for young adult readers. The first installment is slotted for physical and digital release in Fall 2019. Subscribe to the newsletter for key updates.

Dust-jacket Blurb

"The orphaned, the rejected, the abandoned—these are the wastelings of Akor. No haven shall harbor them and no hand shall extend them mercy. They are a blight to be cleansed, for our cities must shine, and in such outcasts there is no worth."

Amos, the son of a slave trader, travels the Iron Road in shame, longing to renounce his father’s heartless deeds.

Two young wastelings bound for the slave market dream of a life without cages.

An exiled warrior roams the wilderness, never more than a step ahead of those who hunt her.

When a narrow escape in the dark of night entwines their paths, Amos and his newfound companions are thrust into a world that wants them back in chains…or dead.

In the fires of survival, a family is forged.

From perilous forests to a city with a killer on the loose, the growing band of outcasts set their eyes on freedom, and Amos soon finds himself on the front lines of a fight he never imagined he'd call his own.

The Wasteling Crow begins the story of a boy with a good heart struggling to find his place in a broken world.